DCC & Sound

AITec is your complete source for DCC and Sound installations.

We offer custom installations of DCC (Digital Command Control) and sound systems in most N, HO, S, O and G scale model trains.

Installations include frame milling when necessary on smaller scale engines. Decoders, sound systems and LED lighting can be provided by the customer or purchased through us.

Engines can be shipped to AITec or dropped off for service. Installations generally take 3 to 5 days to complete but turn around times can be effected by our current work load.

Popular Brands Include:

Feel free to stop by our store in Novi to hear the Phoenix Sound systems in person. We have over 70 sounds you can sample.

If you already have a Phoenix Sound system and are in need of ROM updates feel free to bring your system in. We can perform updates, reprogramming and DCC addressing.

DCC Installation Prices:



Decoder Programming:

Sound Installation Prices:



Sound Programming

Additional Sound/Function Triggers