Reuse That Old Computer

What should you do with your old computer? If you've just replaced your old computer you should consider reusing your old system.

A large amount of people try to donate old computers but find that most organizations are only willing to accept fairly new systems. When a computer can't be donated what do you do with it? Do you put it in storage? Dispose of it in the garbage? Give it away for another person to use? We can help you with your old system.

Reusing a computer is a great option for most people. Having several computers at home is not uncommon these days especially with children or more than one computer savvy person in the house. Disposing of a used computer can also open you up to identity theft or the loss of personal information.

Bring us your old computers and will wipe them clean of any personal data using the latest government guidelines. After that we can either reload the original operating system so you have a clean system that will operate like it was new or let us install the latest state of the art Linux operating system for you, Ubuntu. We can also assist you in finding needy families that would love to have your old system after it's been cleaned up.

What is this Linux thing we keep talking about? Linux is a operating system that has been in use for years by some of the most tech savvy people in the world. It is also used by some of the largest corporations in the world and is used for mission critical equipment that can't ever go offline for any reason. It is free (yes 100% free and legal), easy to use (if you can use Windows you can use Linux), extremely safe and secure, has no real need for virus software that slows performance and even comes with a full office suite that is compatible with all Microsoft Office documents (did we mention the office software is also free?).

The current version of Ubuntu Linux is by far the most popular because it offers over 90% of the features and software that most people and businesses are looking for. If you are interested in trying out Linux or finding out more about Linux specifically Ubuntu please feel free to stop by and ask us about it. We will probably have a running system you can try out in the store.