Virus, Spyware & Malware Repair

Virus, spyware and malware are all very serious issues in today's computing world. If you have a personal computer it is unfortunately necessary to have protection from these threats. Common issues presented by these threats can be simple inconveniences while you are working with your computer or they can pose serious threats such as loss of data or identity theft. Regardless of what may or may not happen you must have some level of protection to guard yourself and your computer(s) from these types of attacks.

If you are a Microsoft user you are at the highest level of risk. Why? Simply because Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used operating system and it is one of the easiest operating systems to hack into. Microsoft is always issuing patches for their operating systems and software in attempts to stop these attacks so it is critical that you make sure your computer has the latest patches installed. Problems like this seem like a never ending battle because they are. You need to keep your systems safe. Along with keeping your system up to date and patched you should have a good quality suite of programs installed and updated on a regular basis to protect your system and data from these attacks. For your convenience we offer several programs and options that are proven performers.

If you use a Apple computer system the threat from virus attacks are substantially lower but the threat is still there. Because of these threats it is also necessary to insure your Apple is protected by a good set of programs as well. Again, for your convenience we offer several programs and options that are proven performers.

Linux users are for the most part safe from virus attacks and most of the other spyware and malware out there for now. There are several reasons for this but primarily because Linux is a much more secure operating system by design. Another big reason is Linux is not the most widely used desktop operating system. At some point when or if it becomes as wide spread as Windows or Apple systems it will probably be necessary for additional measures. But for now Linux users can rest comfortably knowing they are protected by the best methods available, good programming and built in security. For the Linux users out there that don't fully trust their systems, there are free virus utilities available such as Avast. It is also recommended that Linux users who work with files from other non Linux based systems have a virus utility installed. While infected files from other systems won't effect Linux they can be passed along to other computers via file sharing, e-mail and websites.

If you have a computer infected with a virus, spyware or malware we offer services to clean your system at a reasonable flat rate price. Service can be completed by bringing your machine to our retail facility. We will clean up any trouble we find, update your operating system and perform a system optimization before returning your system.